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Vote Now to Support Speech-Language Pathology Blogs in the Edublog Awards!

Vote for SLPs in the Eddies

A couple posts ago, I wrote about the Edublog Awards (awards for the best blogs in the education field). I am excited to announce that the other blog that I manage, Speechie Freebies, made the short list for Best Group Blog! Congratulations to the bloggers/authors on the Speechie Freebies team! This couldn't have happened without you! I never dreamed of us becoming this big this fast!

The Edublog Awards 2013 Icon

(Check out this awesome image created by Sublime Speech!)

Now SLP bloggers like me need your help. If you appreciate reading the content of SLP blogs and the materials some of us create, please vote for SLP bloggers in the Edublog Awards! This is a perfect way to show your appreciation for what we do! You can vote for more than one blog, but you can only vote for each blog one time. Here's how to vote, straight from the Edublog Awards' website:

How to Vote Eddies 13 Image 1

(Click here to go to Listly and sign up with your social media account of choice)

How to Vote Eddies 13 Image 2

(Once you've signed in, go back to and choose a category)

How to Vote Eddies 13 Image 3

(Vote up your SLPeeps by pressing the arrow in the left hand corner at the bottom of the box! You can vote for more than one but remember, only vote once!)

Here's the category my other blog is nominated in for your convenience (scroll down to find Speechie Freebies and click the arrow):

Here are the SLP bloggers included in the Edublog Awards 2013 short list per category:

Best Individual Blog:

  • Speech Adventures
  • Chapel Hill Snippets
  • If Only I Had Super Powers
  • PrAACtical AAC
  • Speech Peeps
  • Playing With Words 365

Best Group Blog:

  • Speechie Freebies (my other blog that I manage with 14 of us SLP bloggers!)

Best New Blog:

  • Speechy Musings
  • Rock Chalk Speech Talk
  • SLPs For Change

Best Resource Sharing Blog:

  • Speech Techie
  • Speechy Musings
  • PrAACtical AAC

Best Teacher Blog:

  • Speech Techie

Most Influential Education Blog Post:

  • Dear Teacher...Love, Your SLP by: Busy Bee Speech
  • There's no Such Thing as a Free App, so Get Over it and Pony up! by: The Speech Dudes

Best Twitter Hashtag:

  • #SLPeeps

Best Podcasts or Google Hangouts for Educators:


Best Use of Wikis in Education:

  • CommunicatePA

Best Mobile App for Education:

  • ATEval2Go by: Smarty Ears

Lifetime Achievement:

  • Caroline Bowen of
  • Jenn Alcorn of Crazy Speech World

The Edublog Awards 2013 Icon

Please help the SLPs sweep all of the categories we were nominated for this year with your votes! Remember, you can vote for more than one blog per category! It is much appreciated! Thanks again for all of you who nominated us and thank you for your continued support!

10 Great Games to Gift Your 6th-12th Grader (With Language Benefits!)

My game cabinets were getting full at the elementary school I work at, so when I got a bigger office at the middle school, I was ecstatic! I could finally move more games up to my second office since it was larger, which created more room in my cabinets at the elementary school! In addition, my secondary students could finally enjoy playing games more often again like they had in my room when they were younger. We couldn't play the same games, however; they had to be developmentally appropriate for my middle schoolers. As I was looking at the ages of the games I already owned, I thought about my family Christmas each year and how we would decide on a game to purchase and play together. Many of the games that I was bringing with me to the middle school were also family favorites that we had purchased around Christmastime. This is one of my fondest memories around the holidays. So let me share some holiday cheer with you in this list of my favorite holiday games that I also use in speech-language therapy due to their educational value! Continue reading for 10 great games to gift your 6th-12th grader this holiday season!

Consonantly Speaking's Edublog Award Nominations

The Edublog Awards 2013 Icon

The Edublog Award Nominations close tonight. They are yearly awards for the best bloggers in the education field. Since speech-language pathologists are amazing educators, I am excited to be able to nominate some of my favorite speech-language pathologist blogs this year! Continue reading to learn who I am nominating for the awards this year and maybe learn about some new blogs to follow!

Follow Me on Bloglovin'!

Consonantly Speaking is now on Bloglovin'! Bloglovin' is a website where you can follow all of your favorite blogs and get a feed of their content. Come follow me there if you wish! The link is below:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What's In Your Cart?: Cyber Monday TpT Linky Party

Cyber Monday Linky Party icon

Most of the time, us speechies brag about what we bought on social media AFTER we buy it. This time around, Jenna from Speech Room News had a brilliant idea to show you what we are planning to buy BEFORE we swipe our credit cards! Since Small Business Saturday was yesterday, and Cyber Monday is tomorrow, I decided to join in on the "What's in Your Cart?: Cyber Monday Sale Linky Party" to promote other SLPs' small businesses on Teachers Pay Teachers! Want to see what I am planning on getting tomorrow? Continue reading to find out!

Apps and Products Discounted for ASHA 2013

ASHA Convention 2013 Wand

I am currently at the ASHA 2013 convention in Chicago having a blast, but you can too through all of the great app and product sales going on online and on the iTunes App Store! Continue reading to learn more about which applications, TpT stores, and products are on sale for ASHA 2013!

How to Find Consonantly Speaking at the ASHA Convention

ASHA Convention 2013 Image

For the ASHA photo scavenger hunt, many of you are probably wondering how to find me. Or maybe I want to you to wonder because I want to meet you! (It's the latter for sure!)

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt Image 2

Today I was at the Mobile Education Store's booth #914 the entire day! I will be there tomorrow as well for the mostpart. Most likely, I will be attending a session or two as well as meeting up with some other great SLP bloggers, but hopefully you won't miss me! I'm the one with the bright red hair! On Saturday, I am hoping to attend a session on cleft palate/hypernasality, but I will be at the booth as well as spending some money on all of the great products I have been staring at all day today (more like not spending money since my car broke down...)!

Mobile Education Store

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt

Are you going to ASHA? I am! So is Carissa Ten Hoeve from Home Sweet Speech Room! We are teaming up to hold an ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Post as many items below as you can on Instagram (or if you don't have Instagram, e-mail the images to with the hashtag #ASHAphotohunt. We will choose a winner to win $10 worth of products from Home Sweet Speech Room's TpT store and an item from my TpT store!

Over the course of the next few days, take pictures of the following things you see.  You may take just one or all of them!

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt Image 2

And just for fun, me or Carissa - this one will be somewhat difficult.  If you can find me or Carissa in the masses, and take a picture with one or both of us, you will get some extra credit!

We can't wait to see your pictures!

SLP Social Media List

Over time I have been compiling my list of helpful speech-language pathology websites and blogs. I kept finding so many that I began to place them into a Microsoft Excel file so that I would not forget them. It was better than bookmarking the sites, and I was able to place them in ABC order. Plus, by now I'm sure you have noticed that I good at making lists. I feel that lists are useful for keeping information together in an orderly manner that you do not want to lose or forget.

Each time I thought I was done with the list a new blogger would come about or I would discover a new website that I enjoyed related to speech-language pathology. Finally, I felt that my list was complete last night when I kept running into the same blogs/websites without any new ones appearing. There are approximately 770 speech-language pathology blogs, websites, and stores that you can follow on social media on my list currently (as of 10/23/2013). I did not include every website out there, just websites that had a blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest account, Instagram, Flickr, Google + account, bloglovin' to follow, YouTube videos, etc. as I felt that they had more of a presence and consistency of updating readers online with continuous articles and materials. That's not to say that all of the blogs on the list have or haven't been updated recently. In addition, who knows what other social media or websites I will be able to update the list with in the future?! Continue reading to find the link for this great resource list!

Throwback Thursday: Before They Were SLPs

Throwback Thursday: Before They Were SLPs icon

I may feel that I was born to be an SLP - I was talkative, loved to read, creative, and loved to have fun! However, there was a time when I did not know what a speech-language pathologist was (hard to believe, I know, but as I said before I didn't know until 5th grade). That was when I was a cute little baby. Today I am joining up with my SLP blogging friends to bring you a giveaway. We have compiled our baby pictures to see if you can guess who's who! Read more to see our cute pics and to have a possibility of winning an Erin Condren gift card!


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