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More to Come!

First of all, I want to say thank you for all of the support and sharing that has come from this website! I am speechless (for once) to see how many people have contacted me, asked questions, "Pinned", and commented about my ideas.

When I first started this website, I had a plethora of ideas of things to write and share - I promise I still do! I am just a bit of a perfectionist and that is why things are taking so long. I know I just started this website about a month ago, and I was on a roll with posting, but then it all came to a halt. Do not fret! More ideas, and some bigger ideas, are on the way! Here are a few that I will be posting about soon:

  • App lists: I have some app lists for AAC, Social skills, Expressive Language, Receptive Language, and Productivity that I have been working on since September coming up. With all of the new apps that are coming out and the research that I have been doing, they are taking a while; especially since I am writing descriptions about each app. There are a lot of great apps out there and I cannot wait to share them with you!
  • Updated Articulation and Voice/Fluency/Hearing/Swallowing app lists: Of course right after I posted these lists on my website, I found more and more apps! I don't want to update the lists too soon after I posted them, but I will be in a month or two.
  • Book lists: If you are connected to my Pinterest, you may have been flooded with book pins. I have been researching, and buying, lots and lots of books to use with my students during therapy sessions. I have kept a Microsoft Excel file of all of the books that I own divided by categories, and soon I will be creating a separate Excel file where I can place the books I own and the ones I don't that have to do with speech and language on. I can't wait to share this huge list with you!
  • Therapy ideas: My camera recently broke, so I haven't been able to take pictures of activities that I am doing in my therapy room; however, my boyfriend has been so gracious as to allow me to borrow his camera (we'll see how long he lets me keep it before I have to buy a new one). Therefore, you will see a lot more posts!
  • Therapy games: I am definitely a board game girl. My parents played board games with us growing up and we had a cabinet full. Now, I have 3 cabinets full at school! I cannot wait to share which board games I have purchased and which board games I have adapted for therapy!
  • Worksheets/Posters/Visuals: I haven't created any yet, but I have been noticing that many speech-language pathologists have been creating and sharing worksheets between each other on Pinterest! Also, with websites like Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook, this is definitely a great time to be sharing! I will be creating worksheets/games for therapy, posters, and worksheets to use with books in the future!
  • Much much more!: I am not going to limit myself to what I will be posting and I cannot wait to share more with everyone!

So don't go away, I'll be right back with a whole bunch more at Consonantly Speaking!

A Conversational Prompt Poster For Adolescents With Autism

What to do in conversation when you aren't sure what to say next image

Over the couple of years that I have been working with students who have autism, I have noticed that in some cases there is uncomfortable silence when my students are unsure how to change a topic or continue a conversation. In the past, I have either reminded my students aloud of some strategies that they can use when they are unsure of what to say next, but I found that visual cues work even better and faster than continuous verbal cues.

Writing Graphic For Fast Writers

Writing graphic

A few of my students are fast writers. What do I mean by that? I mean that they often write what they are thinking without looking. Their writing becomes illegible, disorganized, misspelled, and they are unable to read it back to me or their teacher. I can't be in every classroom during writing at once, so what could I do? Then, I created a visual.

Create Your Own Student EETs!

Individual Expanding Expression Tool

When I first started on Pinterest and wanted to get Consonantly Speaking's name out before I started the blog, I posted photos of four of my creations. One was my speech drawers, another was my student response flip cards, the third was my letters on popscicle sticks, and finally, my favorite, the Expanding Expression Tool copies for each of my students. However, when I first posted these images, I did not thing of placing my logo over-top (in fact, I don't think I had a logo at the time), so the only thing that shows that I posted these ideas is that it states "uploaded by user". Now, being wiser, I have taken a better quality photo of my EETs and placed my logo over top. Before I start this entry, I want to state that I did not create the idea for the Expanding Expression Tool, that was Sara L. Smith. In addition, I am not promoting people not to buy her product. Quite the opposite. I feel that you need to know how to use the Expanding Expression Tool before you can create your own worksheets, mini-EETs, etc.

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