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Speech With Milo - Adjectives Application Review

Speech With Milo - Adjectives app icon

Last week, I received an awesome hand-written note in the mail from Poorani Doonan, the creator of Speech With Milo apps! In the envelope I received 10 cute little Milo stickers!

Speech With Milo stickers

I cannot wait to share these stickers with my students! Therefore, as a thank you for these adorable stickers, I want to share the first app review I ever wrote, which was for the application: Speech With Milo - Adjectives. Check out my review below.

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? Worksheet

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? icon

Last week an idea came to me at dinner - I wanted to know what better hearing and speech meant to my students. Immediately when I got home, I threw together a document for my students to answer that question through coloring and writing. Then, I posted their drawings and sentences outside my classroom so everyone could see what we do in speech! Here is what the entrance to my office looks like:

BHSM Office Entrance image

Here is a preview of the document:

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? icon 2

I posted the document at the end of the post, so feel free to use it with your students! In addition, click "Read More" to see my students' awesome art!

How Consonantly Speaking's App Lists Were Compiled and More App Resources for You!

How Consonantly Speaking Compiled Its Application Lists icon

Due to the popularity of the application lists that Consonantly Speaking has developed and released, it is important to recognize the amount of work that others have done as well in compiling lists of applications for children with special needs. Due to questions from readers and collaboration with others in the field, I would like to provide a document of application lists, websites, trainings/webinars, social media websites, search engines, and articles related to applications for children with special needs that I used while I was compiling my lists. I did not copy anything from any other websites, but there were a couple of times I quoted developer descriptions from iTunes and placed them in quotations. When developing the lists, I spent time after school and on the weekends to compile the lists and used multiple resources to help including the following:

  • Attended an Apple training through my public school
  • Attended a Super Duper Publications webinar about applications
  • Read Application Lists created by others and compared/contrasted them against my own to make sure I had all of the apps I needed on my lists
  • Browsed websites of other speech-language pathologists/therapists who used applications
  • Browsed company websites every few weeks to make sure I had all of their applications, including new ones, on my lists
  • Discussed applications on Forums and Facebook groups to learn other speech-language pathologists' experiences with apps
  • Followed companies that developed applications on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Followed speech-language pathologists on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Entered to win applications on Facebook websites and Rafflecopter giveaways to test and review
  • Read newspaper/website articles and watched YouTube videos about applications
  • Collaborated with other professionals in the field by discussing applications
  • Used search engines, including the one within the iTunes software, to type in key-words to find speech applications

Put this all together over the course of 6 months and you come out with a giant, 82-page application list! If you are interested in hearing the story of how I got started creating these application lists or grab the document with all of my resources (8-10 pages of websites, application lists created by others, app-related social media accounts, etc.) please continue to read on. The document will be attached at the end of the post.

Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorders App List

Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorders App List icon

6 months. 6 months to the day and I have finally completed this list. When I first took on this app project, I did not know what I was getting myself into. It was a lot of work, but the benefits have outweighed the amount of time it has taken me to research applications. So now, I present to you (following the break) my largest application list to date; the Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder Related App List!

i Learn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures! App Code Giveaway From A4CWSN

i Learn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures! app icon

The iLearn With Boing: Ice Land Adventures! is the latest in the iLearn With educational series. The opening screen is shown in landscape format with a cute alien and some arctic animals on the main screen. Click the arrow that is labeled "Ice Land Adventures!" to get started. You can also log-in or register an account to save your child's scores and progress. Then, you will have the ability to choose between three different educational games: Letters (The Bears), Phonics (The Penguins), and Words (The Seals).

In "The Bears" game, your child must help each bear to the correct slide by matching upper and lower case letters. In "The Penguins" game, one can play on his or her own or two-player. The child must then combine vowels with consonants to create a syllable. In "The Seals" game, the child must place seals with letters on their hats in the corresponding letters places on top of a whale in order to spell a word. This app is great for young children to learn early reading skills including letter recognition, upper/lower-case letters, syllables, and how to spell short words. Reinforcements to motivate children to keep learning include rewards and medals. Finally, there is a a progress tracker for parents to view their childs' progress on the app.

Apps for Children With Special Needs is an amazing community and they have given me 5 codes to give away for this new application. To learn more about the A4 community as well as recommendations, reviews, and videos for applications that are appropriate for children with special needs, visit their website. Apps for Children With Special Needs also gives away lots of iPads for those who need it, so if you are interested in donating apps, time, or money towards their iPad giveaways, I would also recommend stopping by their website. They can be found at or on Facebook at To enter the giveaway, complete tasks on the Rafflecopter below:

Another Super Duper Giveaway! - 5 Let's Predict App Codes From Super Duper Publications!

Let's Predict App icon

After my previous Super Duper App giveaway, Ashley at Super Duper Publications contacted me and stated that they were feeling very generous this BHSM. Super Duper Publications has given me 5 "Let's Predict Fun Deck" app codes for my readers! To enter, complete various Rafflecopter entries below following the article and review:

Giving Back to Our Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week icon

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and boy do I feel blessed to work where I do with an amazing staff! The parent club has spoiled us all week with cute little treats in our mailboxes and a Hawaiian luncheon today! I even received a gift of hand sanitizer and candies from a student! Even though some of us work alongside teachers and feel like teachers, we can still give back to them during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Two speech-language pathologists have already written some posts about informing teachers about speech and language disorders as well as vocal hygiene. Live Speak Love wrote a post that included information pages for teachers (and parents) in regards to how to encourage correct sound production, language performance, strategies to help support students with autism, and how to state expectations positively in the classroom. Speech Room News shared a handout from graduate student Jenna Williams that detailed vocal hygiene for teachers.

Next week, I plan on placing a few informational handouts on the tables at lunch for the teachers to look at while they eat and perhaps share a little speechie snack.

Making Sure to Say Thank You For BHSM App Donations, Giveaways, and Sales

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With all of the giveaways happening around the web for iTunes applications, it is important to say thank you. Many people say a little thank you sentence on a developer or a website's Facebook page. Some people forget to say thank you at all. With all of the giveaways, sales, and donations of applications for Better Hearing and Speech Month, it is important to say thank you to those who have played a part in sharing applications with us to help others communicate better. Written thank you notes are still appreciated, so I created a few different thank you notes for my students to sign and send to the people who made it possible for us to use speech and language applications!

Super Duper Publications App Code Giveaway!

In honor of the generosity I have seen from other companies this Better Hearing and Speech month and having won some codes for my students as well, I would like to give back too. I am giving away three iPad applications from Super Duper Publications. One is for their newest app, released on May 3rd 2012, Listening For Absurdities. The others are for the iPad applications: How Would You Feel If... and Irregular Verbs. I know a lot of you have purchased these apps do to the fact that they are currently on sale, however, if you haven't or if you know someone who is in need of one of these applications, feel free to get involved in this Rafflecopter giveaway!

To enter to win one of these apps, you must have a Rafflecopter account. Please complete as many forms as you can by following Consonantly Speaking on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I would love it if you would comment on a blog entry sometime as well! This helps me know how many people I am reaching and who is benefiting from what, so that I can write even better posts in the future!

Here are the Rafflecopter giveaways (click "Read More" to see the giveaways):


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