New Series - ABCs 4 SLPs

If you have been following me on Facebook, you may recognize the icon associated with this post. This summer, I plan on blogging on topics related to different letters of the alphabet. I believe that I have seen the acronyms "ABCs for SLPs" used together before on another site, so that is not my original idea nor do I mind if someone else borrows it; however, in order to keep myself excited about blogging over the summer, I wanted to do something special.

Examples of what may be posted include:

A is for - apps, Apraxia of Speech, and Aphasia

ABCs 4 SLPs A is for Apps icon

C is for - Common Core

M is for - Mad Libs

And much much more!

I am looking forward to posting as often as I can throughout the summer! I have a huge list of ideas for each letter, but who knows what I will have in store? This first week, look forward to my favorite: apps reviews, updated app lists, and app giveaways! (plus more things that begin with "A" because we all know that being an SLP is not all about apps)

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