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ABCs 4 SLPs: B is for Bubbles/Blowing - Bubble and Blowing (Airflow) Activities for Speech-Language Therapy

ABCs 4 SLPs Bubbles and Blowing (Airflow) Activities

Oral motor exercises are a controversial topic in the SLP field. This post may be about bubbles, but I will not be discussing the topic of oral motor exercises and the use of bubbles or blowing activities for oral motor. I would like to discuss how bubble/airflow activities can be used as a motivator, in articulation, and more in speech-language therapy. I will also share some fun bubble/airflow activities and crafts that I found on Pinterest!

The Green Zone Product Review

The Green Zone two glasses

Many of the speech-language pathologists who I talk to on various forums have multiple materials for younger students, but not as many for adolescents/adults. They are always asking about materials and applications to use with their older clients/students. I had found a lot of materials on Pinterest, especially from Autism Teaching Strategies. As I continued to pin free samples of resources from this website, I was contacted by Joel Shaul LCSW who had created many of the resources on the website. He stated that a lot of his resources that I had re-pinned were getting some great attention and asked if I would review one of his products.

I was excited that Joel chose The Green Zone for me to review because I have two students on my caseload that are working on conversational skills (one in elementary school and the other in high school). It just so happens that there are two versions of this product - the Older Youth version and the Younger Child version. You can read my reviews for both versions below:

Time Timer Application Review and Giveaway

Time Timer application icon

There are many visual timers on the iTunes store, but only one is based on the Time Timer product! Time Timer is an easy to use visual timer for students who have difficulty understanding the passage of time, those who have not learned how to tell time, children on the autism spectrum or anxiety disorders, and teachers who want to display a timer for a classroom activity. Recently, I was interviewed by Time Timer on their blog about how I use the Time Timer application in speech-language therapy sessions as well as what I work on with children on the autism spectrum. You can read the interview here.

Time Timer has given me an application code to give away on this blog! Continue reading for my complete review of the Time Timer application as well as to enter the giveaway.

ABCs 4 SLPs: B is for Books - Lists of Books to Use in Speech-Language Therapy

ABCs 4 SLPs Lists of Books to Use in Speech-Language Therapy

My latest project in the list-world is related to books to use in speech-language therapy. This project has taken me about a month to complete researching what children's books are out there related to social skills, speech-language disorders, grammatical skills, articulation, receptive language skills, and more. To compile my lists, I sifted through my own speech classroom library (which I have been documenting for two years in an Excel document), looked through the Pinterest "speech books" board that I have compiled for the past year, searched on, and looked at other documents/websites that compiled speech book lists in the past. Continue reading to download the book lists for speech-language therapy!

ABCs 4 SLPs: B is for Books - Penelope the Purple Pirate Book and App Review

ABCs 4 SLPs Penelope the Purple Pirate

As SLPs, we read a lot of books about pirates because they say "ARRRRR" and that encourages our students to work on the "r" sound. There are a lot of books about male pirates, but not many with female pirates. Also, sometimes pirates use inappropriate language or actions in books and films. This is not the case with Penelope the Purple Pirate! This children's book is a perfect treasure for your pirate library! In addition, it is not only available in book format but also on the iPad! Continue reading for my review of this children's book and iPod/iPad application!

ABCs 4 SLPs: B is for Bracelets - Bracelets for Articulation, Emergency Contact, and Selective Mutism

ABCs 4 SLPs Bracelet

Many of my students who are girls ask if they can do a craft quite often during speech therapy sessions, especially with beads for bracelets. We do not always get to do crafts, but one type of bracelet is a great craft idea for girls and boys alike. This is the slap bracelet. I found foam slap bracelets at Michaels and bought them immediately.

Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelet 2

The slap bracelet was popular when I was a child. However, it seems that some trends keep coming back! Keep reading for my slap bracelet craft idea for articulation as well as more ideas for using bracelets in speech-language therapy!

ABCs 4 SLPs: B is for Books - Rules by: Cynthia Lord Book Review

ABCs 4 SLPs Rules by: Cynthia Lord icon

In graduate school, not only did we read textbooks but we read novels and biographies. These were of people with communication disorders and their families. I am thankful for this because the text was a break from studying words for an exam and the stories helped me get to know what it is like to have difficulty communicating. In addition, I learned a lot about caregivers and counseling those who have a disability and their families more appropriately.

One of my favorite novels that I read in graduate school was "Rules". Written by Cynthia Lord, the cover's front and back grabbed my attention immediately. There is a rubber ducky in the fish tank on the front and on the back there are various rules written including "No toys in the fish tank". Continue reading for my summary and review of "Rules".

Splingo's Language Universe Review and Giveaway

Splingo's Language Universe app icon

Looking for an application that focuses on multiple areas of language and is motivating for students? You don't have to travel to another planet to find one! The Speech and Language Store's Splingo's Language Universe focuses on nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives with a three-eyed alien traveling across the universe! Students help the alien travel with his friends from planet to planet as they work on language skills. The Speech and Language Store has generously offered three codes for me to give away for this application. To read my review and enter the giveaway, continue reading!

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