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Word Retrieval Application Review

Word Retrieval app icon

Over the past few years, I have worked with adults and children whom have had difficulty with word retrieval. Whether it has been due to aphasia or central auditory processing disorder, there have been multiple clients who have worked on word retrieval goals with me. When Virtual Speech Center came out with an application focusing specifically on word retrieval skills, I had to jump on it right away. This would benefit so many of my students! Continue reading to learn more about how this application works and how it focuses on word retrieval skills.

Super Duper Story Maker Application Review

Super Duper Story Maker app icon

When it comes to story creating applications, there aren't many that have images pre-installed. In addition, those with pre-installed images do not always automatically rotate images or include recording capabilities. The Super Duper Story Maker application includes all of the above and more! Continue reading to learn how you can use the Super Duper Story Maker application in speech-language therapy sessions!

I Need My Monster Application Review

I Need My Monster app icon

After being afraid of monsters all of these years, there has been a revolution of books and films that show that monsters are non-threatening and that children are no longer afraid of them! "I Need My Monster", written by Amanda Noll and illustrated by Howard McWilliam, takes this concept further, showing that each child needs his or her own personal monster. Recently turned into an application for Android and iOS devices, you can see the monsters in action (and hear them growl). Continue reading to learn how you can use this interactive application in speech and language therapy sessions!

Three Little Piggies Application Review

Three Little Piggies app icon

There are so many different versions of the Three Little Pigs on the App Store, so how do you know which to choose? When it comes to applications, I always say choose the interactive ones. In addition, great story applications have choices between reading the application yourself (for those who want to practice reading) and having a narrator read it (for those who have difficulty reading) as well as word highlighting as the book is read. Kid's Academy's Three Little Piggies application encompasses these preferences and more! Continue reading to learn more about why this Three Little Piggies app stands out from the rest!

Multiple Choice Articulation Application Review and Giveaway

Multiple Choice Articulation app icon

Would you rather win an application or not win an application? Would you like that application with hot chocolate or no hot chocolate? I think I know your answer... I am pleased to announce that you can enter to win not just the Multiple Choice Articulation application but also a $10 Starbucks gift card at the end of this post! However, this blog entry is not all about the giveaway, it's about what you can do with the Multiple Choice Articulation application! Encourage carryover of speech and language skills while having fun and giggling away! To learn more about the application and enter the giveaway, continue reading.

Social Quest Application Review

Social Quest app icon

Those of you who have been reading my reviews for a while know that I love an application with an exciting theme! Those of you who know me personally know that I love the renaissance era. Social Quest is an application that not only encompasses a castle/renaissance/quest theme throughout its design but focuses on social skills for adolescents. This is a much needed area in regards to applications being developed since there are not many that can be used with the adolescent population. For more information on this application and its use in speech-language therapy, continue reading.

Conversation Builder Teen Application Review

Conversation Builder Teen app icon

Every time that I think Kyle Tomson at the Mobile Education Store has made an amazing application, he outdoes himself and makes an even better one! In addition, he constantly implements new updates for free to his previous applications making them even better than before! His latest application, Conversation Builder Teen, is one that I have been waiting for for a long time. As soon as it was announced, I was on the lookout for every announcement Kyle had made and every tutorial. I have used Conversation Builder with some of my younger students, but had students whom would benefit from a more age-appropriate adolescent version. Immediately when I received the code for this application, I downloaded it and used it with a few different students. The dialogue that I heard with them using the application and following their use of the application was unbelievable. It was not only reinforcing skills that I had taught my students, but causing them to ask me questions about tone of voice and let me see their thought process when debating on how to respond. Continue reading to learn about how you can reinforce conversational skills using this amazing application!

Speech Cards Pro Application Review

Speech Cards Pro app icon

There are a lot of flashcard making applications on iTunes; however, Speech Cards Pro takes it to another level. Not only does the application come with four pre-installed decks, but you can create your own card decks, add audio narration to each card, and score user responses to cards. To learn all of the different ways you can use this application, continue reading.

Sentence Workout App Review

Sentence Workout app icon

You've played the Auditory Workout basketball-themed application from Virtual Speech Center, now play the soccer-themed application that works on sentence structure! Sentence Workout focuses on age-appropriate syntax while adding a motivating sports theme and reward game into the mix. With a hierarchy of sentence structure types to practice, this application can be used across multiple ages/grades, with multiple students, and as children individually progress. To learn more about how this application, continue reading!

Tiger Tunes Application Review

Tiger Tunes app icon

You've listened to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jack and Jill rhymes as a child, and you have done many of the hand motions. Now there is an application which not only sings the songs but adds interactivity to each! Tiger Tunes takes childhood classics and makes them fun for young children! Continue reading to learn how you can use this application with your students.


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