Consonantly Speaking's Favorite iPad Apps to Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions 2012 Edition: Part 1

Many speech-language pathologists and other professionals have asked me questions like, "What's on your iPad?" and "Which iPad applications do you recommend?". I am quite the iPad addict and our school is full of iPads for our students and teachers to use. So, I am always talking about apps. In this post, I am going to give you a look at my iPad, how I organize my applications, and what my favorites in each category are. I am not going to go into detail about each and every app, but just show a screen-shot of my apps and state my favorite in each of the following categories and more!:

  • SLP Tools
  • Articulation Apps
  • Apraxia of Speech Apps
  • Fluency/Voice/Hearing Apps
  • Syntax Apps
  • Grammar Apps
  • Story Creation Apps

Before I begin the long list, I want to write a disclaimer here. I do not believe that applications or software of any sort are a "cure" for speech and language disorders or that they should be used as the sole-treatment method. One should not use a speech and language application for therapy purposes without consulting with a speech-language pathologist or other qualified professional first whether it be for speech-language skill practice at home or therapy. Some applications should be used solely under the observation of the speech-language pathologist or other qualified professional. Applications and software for therapy purposes should be used as tools/materials for the speech-language pathologist to assist in remediation of communication disorders after reading information on how to use the application and appropriately use it under evidence based practice. Not many applications have been researched for use with people who have speech-language disorders and others are "based on" research but have not been researched themselves.

Continue reading to learn about the applications I have on my iPad and which ones are my favorites! (This is only Part 1; Click here for Part 2!)

Consonantly Speaking's Favorite iPad Apps to Use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions 2012 Edition icon

My iPad's First Page:

Consonantly Speaking First Screen Apps

The first page on my iPad has applications which are for my personal and professional use; not to be used by my students. As you can see, all of the pre-installed non-deleteable apps are there. In addition, Gmail (for e-mail) and Google Drive (for accessing documents online) have been installed. There is a folder for SLP-specific Tools in the top-right hand corner.

Favorite App on First Page: Google Drive

SLP Tools

Consonantly Speaking SLP Tools Apps

Favorite SLP Tools App: Custom Boards

Vocal Apps

Consonantly Speaking Vocal Apps

These applications are organized in four different folders: Articulation Apps, Minimal Pairs, Apraxia, and Fluency/Voice/Hearing apps.

Articulation Apps

Consonantly Speaking Articulation Apps

Favorite Early Sounds App - Articulation Station

Favorite App to Work on the Pesky "R" Sound - R Intensive SLP

Favorite 5-Minute Articulation Apps - Pocket Artic

Favorite Articulation Carryover Apps - Multiple Choice Articulation, I Can Articulate, Articulation Scenes, and Articulation Station

Favorite Articulation Game Apps - Webber Photo Artic Castle, Articulation Games, and Speech With Milo Board Game: Articulation

Overall Most-Used Articulation Apps - Pocket Artic, Articulation Station, Articulation Scenes, and Webber Photo Artic Castle

Minimal Pairs Apps

Consonantly Speaking Minimal Pairs Apps

Favorite Minimal Pairs Apps - Minimal Pairs Academy and Pocket Pairs

Apraxia of Speech Apps

Consonantly Speaking Apraxia of Speech Apps

Favorite Apraxia of Speech App - Apraxia Picture Sound Cards Pro

Fluency/Voice/Hearing Apps

Consonantly Speaking Fluency Voice Hearing Apps

Favorite Fluency App - Speech4Good

Favorite Voice App - SpeechPrompts; I haven't had much experience with voice applications and in addition, many voice applications are above my budget, so I haven't gotten to try them yet.

Favorite Hearing App - RTS Hangman; I haven't had much experience with hearing applications and in addition, many hearing applications that I am interested in are above my budget, so I haven't gotten to try them yet.

Expressive Language Apps

Consonantly Speaking Expressive Language Apps

These applications are organized into the following categories: syntax, pronouns/nouns, plurals, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, grammar: elementary, grammar: middle school, animated narratives, graphic organizers, story creation, and writing prompts.

Syntax Apps

Consonantly Speaking Syntax Apps

Favorite Beginning Syntax Apps - Sentence Builder and Autism Language Learning

Favorite Overall Syntax Apps -Rainbow Sentences, Syntax City, and Syntax Workout

Pronoun/Noun Apps

Consonantly Speaking Pronoun and Noun Apps

Favorite Pronoun App - Using I and Me Fun Deck

Favorite Noun Apps - Smarty Britches: Nouns and Speech With Milo: Nouns

Plural Noun Apps

Consonantly Speaking Plurals Apps

Favorite Plural Noun App - Expedition Plurals

Verb Apps

Consonantly Speaking Verb Apps

Favorite Verb Apps - Tense Builder and Verbs News

Adjective Apps

Consonantly Speaking Adjective Apps

Favorite Adjective App - Adjectives Remix

Consonantly Speaking Preposition Apps

Favorite Beginner Preposition App - Speech With Milo: Prepositions

Favorite Overall Preposition Apps - Preposition Builder and Preposition Remix

Grammar: Elementary

Consonantly Speaking Grammar Elementary Apps

Favorite Overall Grammar: Elementary Apps - Splingo's Language Universe, Grammar Wonderland, and Shake-A-Phrase

Grammar: Middle School Apps

Consonantly Speaking Middle School Grammar Apps

Favorite Overall Middle School Grammar Apps - GrammarPrep: Fragments and Sentence Builder Teen

Consonantly Speaking Animated Narrative Apps

Favorite Animated Narrative Apps - You're the Storyteller: The Surprise and Toontastic

Graphic Organizer Apps

Consonantly Speaking Graphic Organizer Apps

Favorite Graphic Organizer App - Still haven't found a perfect one; Many graphic organizer applications are above my budget, so I haven't had much opportunity to find one I like.

Story Creation Apps

Consonantly Speaking Story Creation Apps

Favorite Story Creation Apps - StoryPals and StoryMaker

Writing Prompt Apps

Consonantly Speaking Writing Prompt Apps

Favorite Writing Prompt Apps - Story Dice and Rory's Story Cubes

Click here for Part 2 to learn about my 2012 Receptive Language and Social Language Apps!


Thanks for sharing! I have many folders labeled the same must be the SLP brain! I'm working on reorganizing my apps again and your post will help!

Spectacular job!!! You rock!


Super, I see many of my favorites! Am off to share!

I appreciate you for being a collaborative professional who shares her passion & work. this will help so many people. Thank you.

Can you recommend any apps to aid communication for motor neurone disease patients with bulbar weakness who may or may not have some impaired motor function of their arms/hands also. Many thanks

Verity - I wish that I had more experience in the augmentative and alternative communication area in regards to applications, but I do not. I know what applications are out there, but I do not feel comfortable recommending a specific application without conducting a formal assessment to see whether or not the application is a good fit. In addition, there may be additional assistive technology and positioning that needs to be assessed for a person with that type of need. I would recommend consulting with a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and/or a professional who specializes in assistive technology to answer the question for the individual who needs the communication app/technology. If you want to know what is out there, Lauren S. Enders on Pinterest has great resources as well as Spectronics' Jane Farrall. However, these apps will not solve the difficulty the person may have with motor function to adequately access the buttons on the device. Sorry I could not be of much more help!

Thanks very much for your help. I will check out he links you gave. Best wishes.

Just saw this. Thanks for the mention, Jessica! :-)


Thank you for this list! It is so nice to hear about apps that have been tried and found useful.

Not a problem! I can't wait to see what comes out in the next year or two!
Not a problem! I can't wait to see what comes out in the next year or two!

My child is 3, mildly autistic, and still primarily non-verbal. He LOVES using the iPad. I am overwhelmed at the quantity of apps available for speech therapy and wonder what you recommend for us? I got the mini free version of the Articulation Station (with the little bee on the icon) and it seems really nice, but the pro version is very pricey in my opinion. Is it worth it? He likes to say the word after the app says the word, but I haven't been able to get him to let me record his voice saying the words - he just stops as soon as I press the record button. I appreciate any suggestions!!! Thanks :)

If your child is not working on speech sounds, then Articulation Station is definitely not for you. Articulation Station is primarily for speech-language pathologists/clinicians/therapists to use in therapy sessions and the Pro version is for speech-language pathologists working with multiple students who are working on more than one speech sound. The free version I would say is better for home use under the direct guidance of a speech-language pathologist. In addition, I think it is great for those children who only need to work on one or two speech sounds so they do not have to purchase the full version and can practice at home. I would contact your speech-language pathologist to determine appropriate applications to use at home. I would recommend the vocabulary applications, Toca Boca applications, Bla Bla Bla (which encourages vocalization), Alligator Apps and apps have a lot of vocabulary apps, Bitsboard is a great app to create your own visuals, and Bamba Ice Cream and Bamba Burger are great apps that might peak his interest as well as develop some vocabulary skills. Anything more than that, it is hard for me to recommend as I have not met your child, so I would recommend talking to his speech-language pathologist for further recommendations of apps and other techniques to assist in the development of your son's speech! I wish you all the best!

This is so useful and as others have already expressed, thank you for being so open to share. My secondary school is moving into state of the art premises next month and I now have an IPad and Mac Book to get my head around. I want to organise myself in preparation for this, so this information has been invaluable. Leona SLT Kent , England

I'm so glad that this has helped you organize in preparation for owning an iPad and Mac Book! I found myself in the same scenario a couple years ago as I had never used a Mac Book, and that's what was given to me in my first job, followed by an iPad. Best of luck!

This is a really terrific resource. I just wonder if you could expand on the expressive language apps so we can see what they are. Thanks.

If you look below the "Expressive Language Apps" image, each individual subcategory/folder is shown and the applications can be seen in those images as well as my favorites in the subcategories. Thanks!

Thanks for the lists.
What will be your recommendation for. 3 year old boy with speech delay.
He understands absolutely everything but is not able to use his consonants properly making everything sound the Same.
We are waiting for speech sessions now that he has been assessed.

Thank you for this list! It is so nice to hear about apps that have been tried and found useful. buy youtube views

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