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I miss Google Reader! But, when that ended, I chose Feedly to follow blogs. Can you please help me in figuring out why Bloglovin seems to be the most popular these days? I loved that when I transitioned from Reader to Feedly all of my blogs, tags, etc. came with me - is that true with others? Just wondering if I am "missing out" on something spectacular?!? I do enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks for writing!

To be 100% honest, I don't use RSS myself to follow blogs. I haven't even used Bloglovin' before today. I only made this post because so many SLP bloggers use Bloglovin' to follow other blogs and know how many follow them (it shows you your # of followers). In order for me to manage my account/website on Bloglovin', they had to verify my website by me pasting their code in the post above; otherwise it would be out there on the site without a manager. I think one of the SLP bloggers talked about switching to Feedly in his or her blog post, but I can't remember who. I think the other reason (other than seeing your # of followers) that people like Bloglovin' is that it is easy to find/follow blogs. Many of the SLP blogs have a Bloglovin' button on the side and also, I know once I added one SLP blog, the recommendations for other SLP blogs popped up like mad! All I had to do was click the "follow" button. It was SO easy and it was neat how it showed me posts in my feed but also which sites had new posts for me on the sidebar. I know most of us miss Google Reader. Even though I did not use Google Reader, I probably would have started to due to Speech Techie's list of SLP blogs that you could just feed into your Google Reader easily. I love all of Google's other products, but it died before I got the chance to try it. That is neat how Google transitioned to Feedly along with your tags. I don't think Bloglovin' can transfer data like that. All in all, I don't think that Bloglovin' is revolutionary compared to other readers for the people who read blogs but it is great for those who write blogs to know how many people follow them on the Bloglovin' site and to connect with/follow other bloggers. I don't mind how people get access to my content (Twitter feed, Facebook, Pinterest, coming directly to my site, RSS feed, Instagram, etc.), just THAT they have access to my content and vice versa. I REALLY appreciate you following and your great questions! I'm hoping now that things are dying down at work that I can start posting more content in terms of free materials, thoughts on the field, ideas, and more!

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