Auditory Processing Studio Application Review

Auditory Processing Studio app icon

Want to get down making some beats with Andrew from Virtual Speech Center? Then the reward game of this application is something that you and your students will enjoy! Andrew is back in Virtual Speech Center's Auditory Processing Studio application! Students can work on auditory processing skills with and without background noise using this application. Continue reading for my review of Auditory Processing Studio!

Ring Bling Product Review

Ring Bling game

For those of you looking at the box of Ring Bling, this isn't Pretty Pretty Princess. Don't be detered by the rings (although I have gotten many a guy in college to play Pretty Pretty Princess). In addition, Ring Bling is not to be confused with the book or film "The Bling Ring" which recently came out in theaters. Although, I do like to think that I am hip enough to say "if you can follow directions then be sure to put a ring on it!" (then again, probably not).

Jokes aside, Ring Bling, the game by Super Duper Publications, is probably the game that provided the most intriguing questions from my students on my counter. It definitely caught their attention with the bright colors and they definitely wanted to collect (if not keep and bring home) as many rings as they could! To learn more about the game that conjured up all of these jokes and questions, be sure to continue reading for my review!

Webber Inferencing Big Deck Product Review

Webber Inferencing Big Deck

One deck, two deck, red deck, blue deck, Fun Deck, Big Deck? What's a Big Deck? Most of my Webber Fun Decks from Super Duper Publications fit well into my organized drawers or even on the deck parking garage I got from Super Duper a little while back, but not this one! This is the case where big is really better! With a big, clear, real-life photo on the front and a paragraph with questions on the back, your students will be able to understand real-life application of inferencing skills! Continue reading for my review of the Webber Inferencing Big Deck.

Grammar Chipper Chat Product Review

Grammar Chipper Chat

Once you get one Chipper Chat, you can never go back. This is what happened to me when I tried out Vocabulary Chipper Chat with my students and they went bonkers for it! I knew I had to get another set, so I immediately requested the Grammar Chipper Chat to review. I have so many students who are working on grammatical skills, and the Vocabulary Chipper Chat had so many cards that came with it, so I knew that I would get a lot of practice out of this.

Auditory Memory For Dinosaurs And More Fun Deck Product Review

Auditory Memory For Dinosaurs & More Fun Deck

When I first found out that Super Duper Publications was coming out with a Fun Deck with dinosaurs, I knew I had to have it. It was even better when I found out that the Fun Deck focused on auditory memory as I have a significant number of students who are working on that skill. Finally, a deck of short stories with questions that would motivate my students! Continue reading for my review of Auditory Memory for Dinosaurs & More!

Quick Take-Along Mini-Books Product Reviews

Inferencing Quick Take Along Mini-Book

Need a product great for RtI or quick drill? Want something pocket sized so you don't need a carry-all cart to drag between rooms? Then these products are perfect for you! It is not often that can say that I have collaborated with the person who thought of a product, but I am always excited to see a fellow collaborator's name written on something I own. The concept of these can be attributed to Natalie E. Snyders, M.S. CCC-SLP of the following Teachers Pay Teachers store and Facebook page - and Continue reading for my review of three of these great take alongs - Inferencing, Social Skills, and Auditory Processing!

208 Irregular Verbs Playing Cards With Secret Decoder Product Review

208 Irregular Verbs Playing Cards Tin

My students are always asking to play games. I constantly have to remind them that speech is  not all about games...except when you can work on skills specific to speech goals. The Irregular Verbs Playing Cards make saying "yes" to their request for games easy. To learn more about how we used the playing cards in therapy, continue reading.

Conversation TherAppy Application Review

Conversation TherAppy app icon

Tactus Therapy Solutions is known for making high-quality applications to use with adults, but did you know that many of their applications can be used with children and teenagers by taking advantage of the settings? Not only is this wonderful because there are not many applications out there for adults with communication disorders but also because it makes their applications worth the price since you can use them with a variety of clients. Their latest application, Conversation TherAppy is probably my favorite application due to the amount of settings, data collection, use with multiple clients at once, and ability to customize the content. Continue reading for my review of Conversation TherAppy!

Syllables Splash Application Review

Syllables Splash app icon

Make a splash this summer with your clients using Syllables Splash! This application is an under the sea motivational dream! With an underwater diving theme and characters to assist in syllable awareness, this application is not only great for phonological awareness but fun! Continue reading for my review of this entertaining syllable awareness application!

Auditory Analysis (USA) Application Review

Auditory Analysis app icon

This is my first review of an application on an Android device. This is exciting for me but also a bit intimidating as I rarely use Android devices, so I do not know as much about their overall settings. The device I am reviewing this on is a Nexus 7 tablet. I will be honest that I do not know how to take screenshots of the screen, so I did take photos with my own camera which are not as good of quality as a screenshot would be. I do not currently bring this to school as it is my fiance's device and not my own, but he is kind enough to let me borrow it to do this review as well as those in the future. He also was kind enough to install the application, Auditory Analysis, for me from the developer (as a file, not from the store itself), so I am definitely grateful to have him around (afterall, there wouldn't be this website without him either)! Hopefully I do not mess up this review too much with my lack of knowledge of Android devices, but the great thing is that it will pave a path towards more Android application reviews and hopefully better ones! Who knows, maybe I'll like the Android system so much that I'll want one for myself! Anyhow, continue reading for my review of Auditory Analysis available for use on Android tablets.


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