Jolly Jingle Application Review

Jolly Jingle app icon

Christmas is on its way and the school halls are full of music! Every afternoon when I am walking down the hall, I hear first and second graders practicing Christmas songs for their Chrismas musical! It's definitely a great time to sing along with your children and help them learn various carols full of cheer, and Jolly Jingle is just the app to do so! With written lyrics, fun animations, and multiple versions of various Christmas carols, this application is non-stop fun for the Christmas season! Continue reading to learn how to incorporate it into your therapy room!

Farm Academy Application Review

Farm Academy app icon

This is not your everyday Old MacDonald application! Farm Academy is all about learning basic concepts and vocabulary with a farm theme. Young children will have fun learning animal names, food names, sizes, and how to count while playing with adorable animals on the farm. To learn more about how to use this application with your preschool students, continue reading.

Category TherAppy Application Review

Category TherAppy app icon

Tactus Therapy Solutions apps cater mostly to adult clients, however, each of their apps has a child-friendly mode. I am thankful for this mode because it allows me to use the application with appropriate images for my students. Category TherAppy is no exception, which is great because I have many students who are working on categorization and vocabulary skills! This application is clean, free of distractors, and uses real-life images. Continue reading for more information on using Category TherAppy in a school setting!

Time Timer Watch Plus Product Review and App Giveaway

Time Timer Watch Plus

The Time Timer product comes in all sizes and on multiple devices, but now you can bring it with you anywhere! Time Timer recently released their newest product, the Time Timer Watch Plus. This product has the same red disk that disappears as time elapses as the other Time Timer products, but on a watch. In addition to the timer, there are two other modes to use the watch in: Clock and Alarm. The Time Timer Watch Plus is professional, visual, quiet, and portable. Continue reading to learn more about this new Time Timer product!

Vocabulary Chipper Chat Product Review

Vocabulary Chipper Chat

Finally, an all-in-one product that focuses on multiple ways to learn vocabulary across multiple grades! The box may be a bit on the heavy side, but that is because there is so much included. Whether your students are fans of Chipper Chat or have not been introduced to it, Vocabulary Chipper Chat is a must-have edition to your therapy materials! Continue reading to learn more about the bounty that is included in this set!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales on Apps/Products for Speech-Language Therapy

App Friday

If you're anything like me, you keep a wish-list of materials and wait around for the good deals to buy a bunch of them at once! Two of my favorite shopping days for materials for my speech classroom are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Continue reading for a list of which companies are having sales on their products and which apps are on sale/free that you can use in your therapy with students!

iLearn With Boing: Ocean Adventures! Application Review

iLearn With Boing Ocean Adventures app icon

Boing the alien has tackled math concepts as well as letters before, but now he is helping children learn language concepts! In Tribal Nova's latest application, iLearn With Boing: Ocean Adventures, children can work on vocabulary, sentence formation, and listening comprehension skills! Continue reading to learn how this adorable alien can help your students work on these language skills.

Webber Photo Artic Castle Application Review

Webber Photo Artic Castle app icon

Do you love using the Webber Photo Artic Decks from Super Duper Publications but don't like always carrying them around with you? Do you want all of the sounds but purchasing all of the decks is too expensive? For the low price of $39.99, Super Duper Publications is giving you sound and blend cards at the word, phrase, and sentence levels plus fun games in app form! Continue reading to learn about what all is included in this great application!

Sarah The Little Fairy: Grandma Gets Lost! Application Review

Sarah the Little Fairy: Grandma Gets Lost app icon

There are lots of books out there that help explain different tough situations and disorders to children in words at their level. One book on the iPad that tries to explain Alzheimer's disease is Sarah the Little Fairy: Grandma Gets Lost! This book explains vocabulary related to Alzheimer's disease, what to expect, and how to help. Continue reading to learn more about this book application!


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