Articulation Games Review

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More and more articulation apps are coming on the market and as they are developed, many are addressing articulation drill in a fun way! No longer are articulation apps solely including flashcards and memory games. One application that has taken drill to the next level is Articulation Games. With a carnival game theme, there are four different games to play and focus on speech sounds at the same time. Continue reading for more information about Articulation Games!

iSpot Pro Themed Edition Application Review

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There are so many different things you can discuss when you use I spy/spot the difference images. In addition, many of the differences can cause cases of the giggles when there are differences that are wacky or unusual. iSpot Pro Themed Edition comes with different theme packs to determine the difference between two photos at different levels of difficulty. Continue reading to learn more about how you can use this application in therapy.

ABC Day Application Review

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A new, under-the-sea themed alphabet application is now available on iTunes! ABC Day not only has an ocean theme, it also focuses on the alphabet in four different ways! Children can interact with the application by popping bubbles, repeating the letters after the app, and singing along with the ABC song. To learn more about this alphabet application, continue reading.

Tense Builder Application Review

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Just when you thought that Mobile Education Store applications couldn't get any better, Kyle Tomson blows it out of the park again! Tense Builder is by far my new favorite Mobile Education Store app. With animated videos, lessons with animation/text/narration, two different levels of play, and an expanding video library, this application is a dream come true! If your speech and language caseload is anything like mine and you have a significant number children on your caseload who are working on verb tenses (for me it is irregular past tense verbs), then this application is a must-have! While other applications that work on tenses have static images that have students determine the verb tense, Tense Builder uses animations to assist in teaching the difference between present, past, and future tense verbs. To find out more about Tense Builder and how to use it in therapy, continue reading!

Visual Attention TherAppy Review

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Back when I was in graduate school, I worked at an outpatient therapy clinic that specialized in traumatic brain injury (TBI). At this clinic, we focused a lot on attention skills. We used cards, worksheets with symbols/letters, the radio, and more to work on various attention activities. Now, instead of carrying around the decks of cards, worksheets, and radio, you can bring your iPad to therapy! Tactus Therapy Solutions has done it again with their newest application - Visual Attention TherAppy! Continue reading to learn more about their latest application.

Speech4Good Review and Giveaway

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Back in June when I started my ABCs 4 SLPs series, I reviewed the Speech4Good application by Balbus Speech. Since then, they have updated their application and included a Lite version for users to try. In addition, I have been attending a workshop focusing on fluency assessment and therapy in which the application was recommended as one way to visually/auditorily practice fluency techniques.

Speech4Good is a clean, easy to navigate and use, application that primarily focuses on fluency disorders. The four different menus that one can access on the full version of the application include SpeechCenter, Library, Sharing, and Account. SpeechCenter shows an oscilloscope (speech graph) which you can turn on and off, uses DAF in which you can turn on and off as well as adjust the delay, and allows you to record a persons' speech. The Library shows saved recordings and notes for sessions. You can also share files to e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook from the Library. Sharing allows you to view which files you have shared and where you sent them to. The Account menu allows you to log-in to Twitter or Facebook and shows a privacy policy. You can view more information about this application's use by reading my previous review here.

Speech4Good Main Menu

I like using the oscilloscope with my students for them to monitor their speech. I also like the ability to record sessions and take notes within the application. One thing that myself as well as many others have noted in previous reviews that we would like to see taken away but is still on the application is the ability to post to Twitter and Facebook. I understand that a user makes the choice to do so, but I do not see why anyone would ever want to share a confidential file with a social media site. E-mail is fine, but it makes me nervous with HIPAA that I might accidentally press the wrong button and load a confidential file to Facebook or Twitter.

Speech4Good SpeechCenter

Since I last wrote about the application, Balbus Speech has released a Lite version available for $4.99. This Lite version includes the oscilloscope (speech graph) and adjustable DAF. It does not allow the user to record speech, take notes, or save sessions. If you like the Lite version, you have the ability to upgrade to the full version within the application.

From working with a couple of voice and fluency students for the past couple months since school has started as well as attending a fluency workshop, I have learned more about fluency assessment and strategies. Since I am writing a second review of this application due to the fact that the other day was Stuttering Awareness Day, I would like to discuss how the Speech4Good application can be used for assessment and remediation of fluency disorders.

Assessment Using the Speech4Good Application:

  • Turn off the "Speech Graph" and the "DAF" to solely record a persons' speech while in conversation, repeating phrases, and reading.
  • Take notes following the session about secondary characteristics and types of dysfluencies and save the file to the application.
  • Replay the recording(s) as many times as needed to count the number of syllables stuttered and the total number of syllables to get a percentage of syllables stuttered.
  • Replay the recording(s) to determine the longest dysfluency, types of dysfluencies, and number of each type of dysfluency.
  • Use the information found in your speech report.

Treatment Using the Speech4Good Application:

  • Use easy onset and have the client watch the "Speech Graph" to see what a strategy such as easy onset looks like on the graph to help him or her visually monitor his or her speech.
  • Record a clients' speech and save it to the application. Play back the recording for the client to self-assess how many times and types of dysfluencies he or she had.
  • Plug headphones with a microphone into the iPhone to use the Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) function. Determine the length of delay to use with the client.
  • Have the client practice his or her fluency modification or fluency strategies at home and e-mail you the files of his or her recordings to keep a record. He or she can also type notes as to environmental/emotional information that might be associated with the severity of stuttering on a given day. He or she can also rate himself or herself and the therapist can keep track of his or her ratings.


Speech4Good is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad for $19.99. Speech4Good Lite is available for the same devices for $4.99.


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ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Dr. Suzy Lederer Book Reviews and Giveaways

ABCs 4 SLPs Dr. Suzy Lederer Books

When I was contacted by Children's Publishing to review three books by Dr. Suzy Lederer, I was excited to check them out! Each book is repetitive, contains vocabulary and signs, has two stories, and contains a CD. The titles are perfect for practicing speech, play, and social concepts: "I Can Say That", "I Can Do That", and "I Can Play That". As a certified speech-language pathologist with her Ph.D., Suzy Lederer focused these books on late-talking toddlers and preschoolers. Continue reading for my reviews of each of these three books as well as a giveaway for each!

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - SpeechPage Product Reviews and Giveaways

ABCs 4 SLPs SpeechPage

Throughout graduate school, I made sure to take note of all of the speech-language pathology product retailers for when I would become a speech-language pathologist and have to order my own materials. One website that creates and sells products for speech-language pathologists is SpeechPage creates pages using graphics, thick laminated pages, velcro, binders, dry erase markers, and more! These are all created by a certified speech-language pathologist named Don D'Amore, M.A. CCC-SLP. Activities in which they sell include AAC boards, visual schedules, articulation/minimal pair page activities, WH question lists, talking topics, grammar pages, multiple step direction activities, life skills pages, concept pages, and bundles of their activities! Consonantly Speaking was given three different products to review and giveaway (600 Different WH-Type Questions, Language Listening to Multi Steps 4C, and Interactive Prepositions), so continue reading for reviews and giveaways of each of these three products!

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Penelope the Purple Pirate Signed Book Review and Giveaway

ABCs 4 SLPs Penelope the Purple Pirate

Back in July, I blogged about an awesome pirate book called "Penelope the Purple Pirate". I especially liked this book because the pirate character is female, which you don't see in many pirate books, and it is all about imagination and adventure! Written by Melissa Northway, "Penelope the Purple Pirate" incorporates pirate vocabulary, fun facts, a parent/teacher guide, and more! Continue reading for a recap of my previous review and a giveaway of this book that will get your students practicing their "R's"!

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Apps for Autism Review and Giveaway

ABCs 4 SLPs Apps for Autism

After reading Eric Sailers' list of applications for special education, I started looking all over the internet for more application lists. Then, I began to wonder if anyone had written a book about using applications for speech and language. I stumbled across "Apps for Autism", winner of an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award and written by Lois Jean Brady, M.A. CCC-SLP. This book is over 400 pages full of applications that one can use with people who have autism. Many of the applications can be used with others who have special needs as well. The more I learned about the book, the more I learned about Lois, including that we both decided we wanted to be a speech-language pathologist from volunteering over summer breaks at camps for children with special needs! How interesting! Writing the book called "Apps for Autism" is not the only large project that she has worked on. She specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as has a certificate in Assistive Technology, certificate in Computer Based Intervention, and has completed an Animal Assisted Therapy Program. Lois has helped develop the SpeakinMotion Vast-Autism applications, uses animal assisted therapy techniques, blogs for iTherapy by: ProActive Speech Therapy, and has most recently started a television series (also available on the web) called Autism TodayTV! I hope that someday I can accomplish even a quarter of the things that she has in her life so far! To learn more about the "Apps for Autism" book and enter to win a copy for yourself, continue reading!


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