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ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Apps/Articulation - Articulation Scenes Review and Giveaway

ABCs 4 SLPs Articulation Scenes

Put on your fancy shoes and head down the red carpet with Smarty Ears' newest application: Articulation Scenes! Smarty Ears has definitely put a lot of time and effort into this application and it shows through every aspect. With movie theater themed screens, activities, and buttons, this application is truly the best looking of the articulation applications currently on the market!

When Smarty Ears first started showing previews of this application, my mouth was watering. I don't know if I stated this before, but I am a huge movie buff! I used to work for a movie theater at the same time as I went to college, and I actually started a movie review blog before I started this one! So, I knew I had to have this application. I stalked the Smarty Ears page on almost a daily basis waiting for it to be released, not only because I wanted to use it with my students, but I also wanted to add it to my updated Articulation/Apraxia of Speech application list (to be released later today) as a new star! Finally, it came out in iTunes at a discounted price, and I contacted Barbara Fernandes to find out the new price, and she was generous enough to give me a promo code for this review (not at all what I was expecting, how awesome is that?)!

The application came out just in time for me to give it a try with my students before the summer. Keep reading for my review as well as to learn what my 5th grade student thought of the application! The giveaway is at the end of the post!

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