Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) Linky Party

Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is coming to a close. Originally I had planned on doing weekly linky parties, but wedding planning has gotten in the way. So, I am holding a 2-day linky party where speech-language pathology and audiology bloggers/material creators/businesses can link up to show what they have done for BHSM! I would love to see posts about what BHSM means to you, any materials (paid or free) that you have created for BHSM to spread the word, any blog posts showing swag you have worn to promote BHSM, etc! The only rules are it has to be related to you or your business/practice/blog as an SLP or AUD and you must provide the direct link to your post/video. NO LINKING TO PRODUCTS/MATERIALS DIRECTLY - YOU MUST HAVE A POST ABOUT THE PRODUCT/MATERIAL AND WHY IT RELATES TO BHSM (not just any product/material; must be BHSM related)! Anything that does not follow these three rules will be deleted. This can be a post about something you did this year, or a post from a previous year!

Here is the image that you can use to show that you linked up to my party! I would love it if you could please link it back to this blog post (not my blog directly but this specific blog post)!

BHSM Linky Party image

Thanks for participating! I hope that those who are reading get a lot of information, inspiration, and content to use next year from this Linky Party!

Free Materials to Promote Better Speech and Hearing Month 2013!

Free Materials for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2013

Last year, I wrote a post about free materials that you can use for Better Hearing and Speech Month! This year, with the rise of SLP bloggers, there are significantly more materials for you to print and use for free! My post will begin with the list from last year, followed by new materials created this year! To find these free, downloadable, printable materials, continue reading!

Discounted Apps, Product Sales, Giveaways, Events, and Donations for Better Hearing and Speech Month 2013

Better Hearing and Speech Month Sales, Giveaways, Events, and Donations Icon

Each year during the month of May, us speech-language pathologists and audiologists celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month! Many companies, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists offer information, handouts, sales, giveaways, and more to promote better speech and hearing. We not only promote better speech and hearing but celebrate those speech-language pathologists and audiologists during the month who work hard to provide the best therapy for those with communication disorders. To learn which companies are celebrating with sales, giveaways, and events or to find out how you can donate to speech-language pathologists/audiologists and organizations providing therapy for communication disorders, continue reading!

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? Worksheet

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? icon

Last week an idea came to me at dinner - I wanted to know what better hearing and speech meant to my students. Immediately when I got home, I threw together a document for my students to answer that question through coloring and writing. Then, I posted their drawings and sentences outside my classroom so everyone could see what we do in speech! Here is what the entrance to my office looks like:

BHSM Office Entrance image

Here is a preview of the document:

What Does Better Hearing and Speech Mean to You? icon 2

I posted the document at the end of the post, so feel free to use it with your students! In addition, click "Read More" to see my students' awesome art!

Giving Back to Our Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week icon

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and boy do I feel blessed to work where I do with an amazing staff! The parent club has spoiled us all week with cute little treats in our mailboxes and a Hawaiian luncheon today! I even received a gift of hand sanitizer and candies from a student! Even though some of us work alongside teachers and feel like teachers, we can still give back to them during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Two speech-language pathologists have already written some posts about informing teachers about speech and language disorders as well as vocal hygiene. Live Speak Love wrote a post that included information pages for teachers (and parents) in regards to how to encourage correct sound production, language performance, strategies to help support students with autism, and how to state expectations positively in the classroom. Speech Room News shared a handout from graduate student Jenna Williams that detailed vocal hygiene for teachers.

Next week, I plan on placing a few informational handouts on the tables at lunch for the teachers to look at while they eat and perhaps share a little speechie snack.

Making Sure to Say Thank You For BHSM App Donations, Giveaways, and Sales

Thank you for your application donation icon

With all of the giveaways happening around the web for iTunes applications, it is important to say thank you. Many people say a little thank you sentence on a developer or a website's Facebook page. Some people forget to say thank you at all. With all of the giveaways, sales, and donations of applications for Better Hearing and Speech Month, it is important to say thank you to those who have played a part in sharing applications with us to help others communicate better. Written thank you notes are still appreciated, so I created a few different thank you notes for my students to sign and send to the people who made it possible for us to use speech and language applications!

Better Hearing and Speech Month Coloring Page With Suggested Homework Activities

BHSM coloring page icon

Week 2 of Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is upon us and I decided to create my own sort of coloring-page/homework page for my articulation and language students! Each letter of BHSM has three activities that students can do at home to practice their speech sounds or language skills.

Better Hearing and Speech Month Sales, Non-App Giveaways, and Gear!

BHSM Discounts, Giveaways, and Gear icon

Better Hearing and Speech Month is just getting started so strut your stuff! Promote Better Hearing and Speech Month in your community by showing your style with speech-language pathology gear, help your knowledge grow to help your students/clients by earning CEUs, and win cool speech and language software/products to use with your students/clients! You will find discounts and giveaways in all of these categories this month. See the list below for links to sites where you can enter to win giveaways and purchase discounted products/CEU courses:

BHSM Discounts, Giveaways, and Gear icon


Non-App Giveaways:

  • Dreamcatcher Weighted Blanket (closes May 8th) - iMums Blog
  • The Social Express for MAC computers (closes May 8th) - iMums Blog

AT4ASD Verbally Premium Video Scavenger Hunt (at 700 Likes on their Facebook page):

  • Grand Prize (3): Verbally Premium, BIG Grips iPad 2 Cover, $10 iTunes Gift Card, and your choice of REMLE Project Swag
  • 1st Place Prize (3): BIG Grips iPad 2 Cover and your choice of REMLE Project Swag
  • 2nd Place Prize (5): Choice of BIG Grips iPad 2 cover or REMLE Project Swag

Discounted CEUs:

Discounted Products:

SLP Gear (Not Necessarily Discounted):


Now get out there and check out this cool speech stuff!

Free Printables for Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Better Hearing and Speech Month logo

Looking for materials to use with your students for Better Hearing and Speech Month? Look no further! Here is a list of some websites that have worksheets and printables available to print for free to promote better hearing and speech!

I hope that you find these materials created by other speech-language pathologists and professionals helpful this month to share with your students, colleagues, and parents!

Speech App Discounts and Giveaways for Better Hearing and Speech Month!

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