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Each year during the month of May, us speech-language pathologists and audiologists celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month! Many companies, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists offer information, handouts, sales, giveaways, and more to promote better speech and hearing. We not only promote better speech and hearing but celebrate those speech-language pathologists and audiologists during the month who work hard to provide the best therapy for those with communication disorders. To learn which companies are celebrating with sales, giveaways, and events or to find out how you can donate to speech-language pathologists/audiologists and organizations providing therapy for communication disorders, continue reading!

ABCs 4 SLPs Upcoming Event - G is for Giveaways!

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When I first started the ABCs 4 SLPs blog series, I thought I would be through all the letters by the end of August. Wishful thinking I guess. I also did not know I would be hosting a giveaway event. When I saw so many peoples' lives impacted by the iPad, apps, and events as well as the community of bloggers and companies helping each other online, I just could not help myself. Ended up coming up with "G is for Giveaways" and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask developers, bloggers, companies, authors, and more if they would be willing to donate an application code, product, book, or material from Teachers Pay Teachers.

In exchange, I am reviewing all of the products, books, apps, and more which I hope will help my readers understand all of the hard work that goes into creating an application, book, material, or product as well as understand how each one can be used in speech-language therapy. I hope everyone will follow these companies/bloggers/authors as they have been truly generous to myself and my readers by donating items to give away. I also hope that everyone will thank these wonderful people for what they have done regardless of if they win a giveaway or not. Finally, I hope that they will discover some different products/apps/books/companies/blogger's materials that will work for speech-language therapy and the reviews will help them determine which apps they would like to purchase to use or recommend to others! Now share away!

Here is a list of developers, bloggers, authors, companies, and more who are participating in this event:

  • Language Learning Apps LLC
  • Abitalk
  • Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development
  • Virtual Speech Center
  • Pi'ikea Street
  • Kids and Beyond
  • Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds
  • Mobile Education Store
  • Pyxwise Software Inc.
  • Speech Pups LLC
  • Bee Visual
  • Artgig Studio
  • Thinkamingo
  • Erik X. Raj
  • Electrokite
  • SoGaBee
  • iHomeEducator
  • Jean-Eudes Lepelletier
  • Speech Time Fun
  • Little Speech Corner
  • RWH Technology
  • eSkills Learning
  • Fizz Brain Apps
  • Sascyn Publishing
  • Paperclip Robot
  • Night & Day Studios
  • Tribal Nova
  • Auryn Inc.
  • Kid's Academy
  • Good Neighbor Press
  • Speak in Motion
  • Speech Room News
  • Express SLP
  • Autism Language Learning
  • My First Puzzles
  • Pufferfish Software
  • The Quirkles
  • The Speech & Language Store
  • Sly Speech Apps
  • Heppi
  • SpeechPathologyApps.com
  • Tactus Therapy Solutions
  • Therapy-Box
  • Peapod Labs
  • Lois Jane Brady (author of Apps for Autism)
  • SN Squared Limited
  • SLP TechTools
  • Good Karma Applications
  • Speech Page
  • iGet It Apps
  • ARTEL Larsen
  • Super Duper Publications
  • Crazy Speech World
  • Look2Learn
  • Shoe the Goose
  • Table Topics
  • Sly Speech Apps
  • Apps by Auryn
  • Paperclip Robot
  • Peapod Labs
  • Luca Lashes
  • The Attainment Company

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