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Individual Expanding Expression Tool

When I first started on Pinterest and wanted to get Consonantly Speaking's name out before I started the blog, I posted photos of four of my creations. One was my speech drawers, another was my student response flip cards, the third was my letters on popscicle sticks, and finally, my favorite, the Expanding Expression Tool copies for each of my students. However, when I first posted these images, I did not thing of placing my logo over-top (in fact, I don't think I had a logo at the time), so the only thing that shows that I posted these ideas is that it states "uploaded by user". Now, being wiser, I have taken a better quality photo of my EETs and placed my logo over top. Before I start this entry, I want to state that I did not create the idea for the Expanding Expression Tool, that was Sara L. Smith. In addition, I am not promoting people not to buy her product. Quite the opposite. I feel that you need to know how to use the Expanding Expression Tool before you can create your own worksheets, mini-EETs, etc.

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