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Conversation TherAppy Application Review

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Tactus Therapy Solutions is known for making high-quality applications to use with adults, but did you know that many of their applications can be used with children and teenagers by taking advantage of the settings? Not only is this wonderful because there are not many applications out there for adults with communication disorders but also because it makes their applications worth the price since you can use them with a variety of clients. Their latest application, Conversation TherAppy is probably my favorite application due to the amount of settings, data collection, use with multiple clients at once, and ability to customize the content. Continue reading for my review of Conversation TherAppy!

Speech FlipBook Application Review

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You've seen the flipbooks made out of notecard flipbooks with binding on Pinterest. Images of these have been shared thousands of times. In fact, I had even created my own. Unfortunately, I often would misplace the small notecard flipbook, children would accidentally tear the pages when turning them, if you use marker, it will bleed through the paper, and if the edges were not cut the same way, it would be difficult and rather annoying to flip the pages. There is only one other flipbook application for speech, and it comes with one sound but is $9.99 for each additional sound. If you're anything like me, you cannot afford to pay that much for in-app purchases for multiple sounds. To read my review of this application, continue reading below.

Category TherAppy Application Review

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Tactus Therapy Solutions apps cater mostly to adult clients, however, each of their apps has a child-friendly mode. I am thankful for this mode because it allows me to use the application with appropriate images for my students. Category TherAppy is no exception, which is great because I have many students who are working on categorization and vocabulary skills! This application is clean, free of distractors, and uses real-life images. Continue reading for more information on using Category TherAppy in a school setting!

Visual Attention TherAppy Review

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Back when I was in graduate school, I worked at an outpatient therapy clinic that specialized in traumatic brain injury (TBI). At this clinic, we focused a lot on attention skills. We used cards, worksheets with symbols/letters, the radio, and more to work on various attention activities. Now, instead of carrying around the decks of cards, worksheets, and radio, you can bring your iPad to therapy! Tactus Therapy Solutions has done it again with their newest application - Visual Attention TherAppy! Continue reading to learn more about their latest application.

ABCs 4 SLPs: G is for Giveaways - Naming TherAppy Review and Giveaway

ABCs 4 SLPs Naming TherAppy

Tactus Therapy Solutions has tons of great applications for working with clients who have aphasia. However, many of their applications have a "child-friendly mode" so that you can use them with your child clients! There are many ways to adapt this application for speech-language therapy in the schools, so continue reading for my review and a giveaway of Naming TherAppy!

ABCs 4 SLPs: A is for Apps/Aphasia - Comprehension TherAppy Review and Giveaway

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June is National Aphasia Awareness month, but there is also another special holiday for an application developer in June. Tactus Therapy Solutions is celebrating their first birthday as a company and in honor of this, they have given 25 codes to 25 different websites to give away their Comprehension TherAppy app! You're looking at one of the 25 websites right now! I was also given a copy of the application to review, so let's take it away to the review and giveaway (giveaway is at the very bottom of the post)!

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